Greetings 2019.  I am facing this year with arms opened wide and with an attitude of gratitude and optimism.  I managed to make it back from an extended trip to Delaware to spend New Year’s Eve with Ricky, comfortably tucked away from the cold winter winds.  I also update the website (thank you Courtney, my daughter for helping with this task). I hope you find it easier to navigate.  And…..finally caved to creating a Facebook page.  (You can ‘like us’ and ‘follow us’ now).  It is nice to be home and contemplate the future of Little Plum Place.  We are celebrating the 120 year anniversary of the school house, so now is the perfect time for planning, since there is little else to do in the frozen north.  I am researching the best way to enlarge the garden while deterring the deer population.  They seem to enjoy eating everything.

On New Year’s Eve as we were driving back from the airport, when we turned into Little Plum  Valley, we disturbed a feeding frenzy.  A dozen bald eagles, mature and young, were enjoying a deer carcass on the road just over a mile from our home.   I had never seen so many in the valley at one place.  Our drive by caused the birds to rise up to create an amazing funnel of feathers.  Just one of the many reasons why I love living here. It is good to be home.