Can you believe it?  Ricky & I bought a church and a one room schoolhouse in Pepin county Wisconsin.  We spent the week after Christmas closing on the property, arranging for utilities, taking measurements and freezing.  After a 25 year leave of absence from the frozen north I had forgotten how cold the great white north can be.  The trick is lots of layers, keep in perpetual motion and refuel every so often.  (Okay, so my bathroom scale told me I had probably ‘refueled’ a little too much during the holidays).

In keeping with the history of the Little Plum Lutheran Church and the Little Plum School; we have decided to call our new home:  Little Plum Place.  We have no immediate plans to demolish or destroy the integrity of the historic 1880’s school house.  And we are open to the possibilities that may present themselves as we move north and begin remodeling the basement of the church.

I am hoping to blog a couple of times a week to keep all of our family and friends up to date on our progress.


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