True while it is still 19 days to the official first day of the season, make no doubt that winter has landed at Little Plum Place.  The snow began yesterday (December 1) and finally tapered off today around noon.   We have been left with a winter wonderland and just under 5 inches of snow.  This photo is slightly different than a year ago.  The gable ends of the school long to be painted, but must wait through the long cold season for more favorable weather.  The fence row, once overgrown and unsightly has been cleared and awaits its new birth in the spring.  The snow gives one time to slow down and reflect about the past year and the many changes that Rick and I have made to our living conditions and our lives.


The snow also gave Rick a chance to test out his ‘new toy’.  Yes, it looks miserable but my man assures me that he was quite toasty warm in his winter overalls, boots, coat, mittens and hat. It will take Rick a couple of more storms and time behind the wheel before he can call himself an expert.

As for me….I have been a touch under the weather.  After a few minutes shoveling off walkways, I spent the rest of the afternoon nursing my aching ears and sore throat with a cup (or two) of hot buttered rum.  Ah…..the joys of winter!