Ricky always said he would like to live in a converted church or school house.  So now we have one of each.  The school house is in good shape.  There are window sills that need immediate (okay late spring) attention and the building could do with a fresh coat of exterior paint.  While this building will be on the back burner for a bit, we do want to preserve the historic nature of the site.  For us that means research, finding any old photos and artifacts to enhance the site.  As luck would have it I started collecting old school books 15 years ago when I started a job in higher education.  I have several books from the late 1880s, when the school was first built.   We are looking forward to ‘spring cleaning’, sweeping out dead bugs, making a tick list of ‘to do’ items and a wish list. I will keep you posted and let you know when school is ‘in session’.

8 thoughts on “The School house

    1. Hi Peg,

      Happy to report that we have made our big move to the property today. Looking forward to the spring, when work on the school house will begin. All the best-Debra

  1. My Grandpa, Albin Carlson, builds the Little Plum School. We are so happy that you bought the church and school and plan to preserve the one room country school. We live in the Cities, but spend time in Little Plum Valley at the place where I was born and raised.

    1. Karen, Please stop by the next time you are in the neighborhood. I would love to ask you some questions regarding the school. All the Best, Debra

  2. My 94 year old mother and her 2 brothers attended Little Plum school. She still has a great mind and does email. You may wa t to talk to her for stories.

    1. Pat,
      Thank you for your connection. I will send you my personal email for your mother. I would love to have her share her stories. Regards, Debra

    1. Absolutely. I have been working on updating the web site and I think the contact page is up and running. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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