Summer is slipping away.  We have been very busy at Little Plum Place, spending as much time outside as possible.  The transplanted flowers that now adorn the perimeter of the small cemetery are doing great.  (If only the fawns would stop eating all of the lily buds and blooms!)  This is photo from late May.  I have always loved peonies.  Grandma always had a huge stand of these beauties in her front yard.  I was thrilled to have a few blooms this year.  They are so fragrant and they remind me of younger days. 

The irises have bloomed and gone.  it is amazing that all 70 transplanted made it through the winter, spring critters and abundance of rain.  The bladed leaves are multiplying and filling out the row nicely.  I am looking forward to next season, more blooms and a beautiful hedge of irises.

We have a deer and her two fawns who visit Little Plum Place at least twice a day. She leaves the sedum and other ornamental plants alone.  The fawns munch everything in sight.  I’ve tried all of the typical sprays, soaps, netting and other deterrents.  I may have to invest in solar powered electric fencing if I want the hedge row of blooms to stand a chance against our little deers.

I picked our first tomato of the season this week.  The garden boxes are close enough to the front of the building that critters are leaving veggies for Rick and I (so kind).  The weather is so beautiful that it is hard to get my work done that requires me to sit down at the computer.  Every morning as I walk the neighborhood I consider how fortunate we are to live in Little Plum valley.