We just finished a week long give-a-way for Mother’s Day.  Over 150 orange lilies (commonly called Ditch lilies) found their way to new homes throughout the county.  These plants were left over from the cemetery upgrade.  After planting over 200 lilies, taking three car loads to schools at Pepin and Alma, there was still a large ‘clump’ that had been abandoned in the southeast corner of the lot.  I thought after our very brutal winter and minus 45 degree temperatures there would be no saving any of these plants.  I was wrong.  Not only did they survive, but they started to put out roots while on top of the ground.  Hardy is an understatement!

I did ask for donations for the next project at the Little Plum Cemetery.  I collected $41.00 .  Just enough to buy a gallon of biological soap recommended for cleaning older stones.  The soap should arrive next week and will give me a good project (on top of my many) for Memorial Day.