I have been making a habit of getting up early, much to the chagrin of my man Ricky.  He is fully retired.  No need to keep the early morning hours of the past 50 years.  Sleep is good.  I find that the wee hours of the morning is when I can truly gather my thoughts, prepare for the day and be able to warmly greet my grumpy old man as he bumbles out of bed and staggers to the kitchen for his morning cup of java.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a day that I should have been able to sleep in (past 5:30 a.m.) but I couldn’t.  My internal clock urged me to get up and get going.  For some unspeakable reason I was upstairs in the work room and wanted to check the outdoor thermometer.  Our beautiful 70+ degree weather from earlier in the week was disappearing and the expected high was going to be in the low 40’s.  Brrrr..  When I opened the back door, a cool blast of air greeted me along with this stunning view.

The old oak tree, while still naked and awaiting it’s new spring coat of leaves is one of our favorites on and around Little Plum Place.  Skip the coffee, slide on your shoes, grab a jacket and take in the view.  It is lovely.