It has been too long since my last posting.  I have had ‘other’ things on  my mind and a long list of ‘honey are we doing this project?”  Rick has been meticulous with the care of the lawns and landscape this summer.  Our projects list included, a new sign at the school, installing a new metal roof on the 95 year old wood shed, reglazing all of the windows in the school and repainting both the school house and woodshed after hail damage. A huge shout out to Stockholm Insurance Company and Hokanson Painting, without both of these fine small-town businesses the school site would not look as good as it does today.

Our summer visitors dropped off this year.  We did see a handful every other week throughout the summer. Those who did venture out were delighted to experience the school house, draw on the slate chalkboard, pound on the 1923 Underwood typewriter, listen to the Victrola and of course ring the school bell.  To all of our visitors this summer, thanks for stopping by and helping to keep the Little Plum Story alive.

We are experiencing our Indian Summer this week.  The weather is glorious and the trees throughout the county have donned their fall colors.  I canned the last pumpkin from the garden today and made a pie to enjoy later tonight.   As tough as times have been over the past few months, today was a day to take time to reflect, enjoy the scenery and be thankful that Rick and I live in Little Plum Valley.