Rick and I are enjoying our January weather.  Not that we care for the cold, but for a January in Wisconsin the weather has been mild with temperatures at and slightly above freezing.  Any day above zero is a good day in the winter!

We both try to get outside to spend some time in the sunshine, get fresh air and do some minimal tasks when the weather is nice.  Lately I have been taking some time to enjoy the birds.  This little chickadee is perched on top of a gingerbread house repurposed after the holidays. Covered with peanut butter, bird seeds and homegrown sunflower seeds the structure was visited by a Hairy Woodpecker, Black capped Chickadees and a resident cardinal.  I’ve spied a couple of Dark-eyed Juncos and a hand full of White breasted Nuthatch, but by and large it is the chickadee population that has pecked away at the seeds.

Add to the mix the soaring Bald Eagles, wild turkeys and ring-necked male pheasants and there is always some form of winged wild life to enjoy watching at Little Plum Place.