It has been three years since Ricky and I moved to Wisconsin and started work around Little Plum Place. It was in the spring of 2018 that I repurposed three or four Iris plants from a marker as in-ground plantings were being removed.  Rather than a fence separating our backyard from the Little Plum Lutheran Cemetery the Church board agreed that a living hedgerow would be more appropriate.  I managed to divide the tubers into 50 small plantings.   The first year the deer had a field day as they continued to pull up the Iris plants and immediately spit them out.  I spent weeks replanting every couple of days and hoping that the plants would survive. It has taken three full seasons for these flowers to come into their glory.   I enjoyed a handful of blooms last year, but this spring they are truly magnificent. Fingers crossed that they will manage the next two nights of brisk (37degree) weather and heavy rains.