Welcome to 2022!  Ricky and I rang in the New Year with below freezing temperatures. The extended weather forecast looks like a typical January at Little Plum Place.  Cold. Today it has warmed up to 20 degrees above zero.  Just warm enough to take down the outdoor decorations at the school house and walk around the property.  It is so bright and white with snow (and ice) covering everything. 

There is no need to check the temperature on a daily basis.  During today’s walk-about the snow crunched under my boots. A sure sound that we are above below freezing temperatures and possibly heading to a high of 32 degrees. Tomorrow we will take another plunge well below zero.  With those temperatures we endure the sound of ‘squeaky snow’ under foot.

January is a perfect time to study seed catalogues and plan for the spring garden. A cup of hot tea, graph paper and dreams of green will see me through the winter.