Spring has finally arrived.  Ricky and Dad have been busy mowing and cleaning the 2 acres we purchased in October. Fence posts and fences removed and a clear cutting of the tall grasses and weeds, as this field was left for over a decade.  I thought I would take a ‘First Tuesday of the Month’ photo to show the progression.  This photo was taken May 3rd early in the morning as I headed out to work.

Newest addition.

Wednesday was such a beautiful day. Ricky and I planted 50 new trees, did a little gardening and more property clean up.  I did manage to get a few seeds (sunflower and milkweed) out, maybe a little early, but only time will tell. If the weather continues to be nice I’ve got two varieties of yarrow to plant this weekend.

The plan for the ‘new’ property is to keep it mostly as a pollinator plot.