Okay, so maybe we are not quite ready to use the picnic table, since it is buried under a foot of new snow.  The storm on Thursday Feb. 7 was a welcomed relief from the previous weeks brutal cold temperatures.  Our neighbor Keith records temperature and rain for the weather service.  The -45 degree cold was a record on January 31st. (Yes, that is -45 without the windchill factor).  So believe it or not we were grateful for a warm up (20 degrees).  Both Rick and I would rather deal with snow verses Arctic temperatures.  Today we woke up to a -19 degrees Fahrenheit. At least the roads were clear enough to head over to Eau Galle, to the local Catholic Church for a waffle breakfast.  A nice way to start the day and wait for the temperature to warm up.  The jeep read -10 degrees as we headed north to Menomonie to Fleet Farm.  I was tired of struggling with trying to get enough layers on and finally broke down and bought a pair of snow pants.  As long as I was at it, I picked up a pair of snowshoes as well.  I have to say that the new gear worked out great.  The temperature when we arrived at Little Plum was a balmy zero.

This gave Rick and I a chance to complete digging out the mailbox, end of the driveway and wood shed.  Rick is becoming quite the hand at blowing snow.  He got a tickle out of my snow shoes.  I of course think he looks quite dashing in his winter outfit, especially the rabbit hat.  We are done with today’s outdoor projects.  And bracing ourselves for the next round of snow. According to the weather channel we can expect 1 to 3 inches tomorrow night, 5 to 8 inches on Monday night and possibly another 3 to 5 inches on Tuesday.  Yeah….good thing we picked up a few groceries.  You all have a great weekend and stay safe out there.