Pooped Angel

Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait for a ‘snow day’?  Hooray!  No school.  Build a snowman, throw snowballs at my sibling and make snow angels.  So much fun.  I prepared earlier in the month for snow by purchasing a set of snowshoes.  I have used them 6 times in February.  After the Sunday blizzard, I can say we are finally truly ‘dug out’. I am able to get my car out of the carport and down the lane to the road.  FREEDOM!  Rick has been a great chauffeur these past couple of days and taken me to my duties as a substitute teacher.  After school yesterday I spent an hour outside shoveling the last path to the LP tank, in preparation for next weeks delivery and another 2 to 4 inches of snow tomorrow afternoon.  When I finished I rewarded myself with a snow angel.  Didn’t really go as planned.  I leapt into the snow, which wasn’t as soft as I was expecting.   The first 5 inches  were soft enough, but then I hit the frozen crust created by the blizzard. Ouch!  Rick noticed my lack of enthusiasm for creating an angel. “I’m pooped”.  He quickly snapped this photo and was kind enough to help me out of the snow bank.  I have to admit that shoveling snow for an hour is a great workout.  Watch out world.  Get ready for Snowrobics!